How can you use the power of podcasts in 2021?

Over the past few years, I’ve developed a conviction that podcasts are the single most powerful tool for lifelong learning, influencing and shaping entrepreneurial leaders. Yes, books are powerful. So are classroom experiences. Even blog posts can do something, once in a blue moon. But podcasts beat them all.

Podcasts are free for listeners

I suppose in theory it would be possible to make podcasts for which listeners must pay. But providing podcasts for free is deeply engrained in the culture of podcasting. Some podcasts are just “labors of love.” Many are supported by sponsors, advertisers, and listener donations. But they are all free for listeners. And so millions listen.

Podcasts engage the senses

Podcasts are more powerful than blog posts, because they engage the ear as well as the eye. Podcasts communicate more than the written word, because we can hear tone of voice, laughter, etc. Many podcasts are conversational, with two or more speakers. The point is that it is easier to understand the message from a podcast than from a blog post. (Maybe I should be making a podcast episode about this instead of a blog post, LOL!)

People can listen to podcasts on the go

I often listen to podcasts while I am loading the dishwasher, taking a shower, pulling weeds, or in the car. Podcasts often “fill in the gaps” in my day, allowing me to keep learning even while I’m fulfilling other responsibilities. This is why I’ve come to believe that podcasts are often more powerful and influential than books or classrooms for the average person. Podcast audio can come with me as I go about my daily work. Reading a book requires me to neglect my chores, errands, and other practical duties. Learning in a classroom often costs money and is usually at an inconvenient time.

How are you planning to use the power of podcasts in 2021?

Do you enjoy listening to podcasts? Do have an idea for how your business, organization, or church could start a podcast in 2021?

My company Five More Talents has helped a number of different organizations start podcasts over the years, including Christ the King Presbyterian Church in Roanoke, VA and Reformation Scotland. We’d like to help more in 2021 and beyond. Maybe we can help you, too. Just send me an email at if you’re interested.

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