Reeder on good capitalism vs. bad capitalism

Harry Reeder opens his book The Leadership Dynamic (2008) with a scathing critique of “the contemporary American model [of leadership]” (pg. 12).

The root of the problem, observes Reeder, is that “bad capitalism” (my phrase) has infected the church:

The American church is standing at the brink of a self-inflicted death spiral accelerated by worldly leadership… What’s the poisonous elixir that the contemporary American church seems so determined to consume? The answer: the leadership model now practiced and promoted in the boardrooms of American big business.

Source: Harry L. Reeder III, The Leadership Dynamic, pg. 12

He then contrasts good capitalism with bad capitalism as follows:

Good capitalismBad capitalism
Traditional (17th – mid 20th century)Contemporary (late 20th – present)
Gratitude-based, gospel-drivenGreed-based, greed-driven
Focuses on wealth creationFocuses on wealth consumption
Flows from Judeo-Christian worldviewFlows from secular humanistic worldview
God-centered: Pleasing God should be “the foundation of every endeavor”Man-centered: Everything exists for “personal pleasure and affluence”
“Make it your business to do good”“Do what is good for business”
Driven by godly practice of servant leadershipDriven by ungodly practice of self-absorbed, self-promoting leadership
Honors moral and ethical absolutesEnslaved to pragmatism: “The ends justify the means”