2018 Year in Review

It was a mild Winter. January and February marked the beginning of a new tradition of family walks around the neighborhood as Rebekah recovered from surgery to treat endometriosis.

In March, Rebekah earned a neonatal CPR certification to sharpen her skills as birth assistant for the nurse midwife with whom she works. During 2018 she helped welcome over 10 babies into the world.

In April, to celebrate the arrival of Spring, Patrick and I went on an overnight camping trip near Fincastle, VA. The following week, we joined Grandad and Uncle John for some go-cart racing at Thunder Valley!

Patrick and I at Thunder Valley

The highlight of May was spending time with Rebekah’s side of the family at Topsail Island, NC. Rebekah and I took lots of walks on the beach with the kiddos, enjoying the glory of God’s creation.

Beached driftwood at Topsail Island, NC

June brought a trip to Atlanta for the annual General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America. I was there as an exhibitor to represent Five More Talents. My brother-in-law Doug Douma accompanied me, representing Sola Appalachian Christian Retreat.

In July, Rebekah and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary by trekking up to Pittsburgh for the wedding of her cousin Andrew to his bride Jasmine. What a great way to celebrate!

The semi-annual Vos family reunion at “Cair Paravel” in Michigan
was most definitely the highlight of August. Favorite pastimes included: catching frogs, studying fish, wearing silly masks, building towers, and flying drones.

September and October were a blur. School started again and selling our rental house became a part-time job. Both brought challenges, but by God’s grace, our rental house finally sold and our kids kept learning and growing.

Visiting Barnardsville, NC to meet Doug and Cil’s little daughter Maple was a highlight of November. As added treats, my Opa and Oma were visiting Barnardsville at the same time, and we also got to visit with Rebekah’s grandmother twice (on the way there and the way back): she’s 91 years young.

Another highlight of November was joining Crunch Fitness, where Rebekah and I participate in HIIT Zone. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training (best I can tell).

December brought Christmas and the yearly reminder of our Lord Jesus Christ, “the Word made flesh.” A 14-inch snow dump, minivan trouble, and a bout of the flu were trials: But they made the arrival of Christmas all that much sweeter.